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Ashley - Cutting ticket prices to bring buzz back

Good news today for Toon fans as Mike Ashley has decided to cut Newcastle’s ticket prices by up to 9%. A change in price has been inevitable and receives a warm welcome to the loyal Toon fans. The fans of NUFC has been brilliant and I speak as an Irish man who sees St.James’ beaming with Black and White, it’s a great great sight and the players respect it so much. Although some can turn on the ownership or team, it is only because of the welfare of the club, lets be honest, we all want to see Newcastle United Football Club thrive.

Season tickets on a standard have been cut from £543 to £494 which is still a lot of money to say the least. On average the games will approximately £26 a game with Juniors attending for around £20 per match. Not a bad price if we see the Toon winning at SJP 😀 Even better thing about Juniors is, they are pushing back the age restriction to 18 so more Teen Tooners will get in for less, a great move if you ask me 🙂

Derek Llambias spoke again today 🙂

_‘At a time when money is tight for supporters, football clubs have to recognise the sacrifices people make to continue following their team and offer any assistance they can in making games affordable to watch.

‘We have decided to reduce the majority of prices back to 200708 levels to help fans because we appreciate the big commitment they make in buying their season tickets every year.

‘We are also further increasing the Family Enclosure and raising the age of the junior price concession to 18 because young supporters represent our future.’

‘It has been a tough season, nobody will pretend otherwise, but together we must all look to better times ahead.’

No doubt Llambias and Ashley are making some long awaited progress and finally speaking to the media. Keep it up and hopefully the team will keep going up too 🙂

Comments appreciated 🙂

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dmbaldwin: ⏱ 26/02/2009

Hey I wish I lived closer so I could take advantage of those ticket prices. When I talk to people here in the USA about attending a game at St. James Park, we discuss it like it's a pilgrimage we take. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Blessings, Dave

Waldo P. Barnstormer: ⏱ 26/02/2009

Yep at least that will pay for my petol for a match. Not sure its enough to stop attendances falling as not many people have much money nowadays.

Doocey: ⏱ 26/02/2009

Yeah true, but the Geordies always muster up a crowd for SJP no matter the game :) I appreciate all of you for reading it :)