Huddlestone is still in Newcastle’s sights

Words by Kevin Doocey on .

Well it seems the rumours are at it again, what a surprise. Today we've been told from various media sources that Newcastle were after Tom Huddlestone in January and we are expected to pursue him again in the Summer which will be quite pleasing to any Newcastle fans like myself 😀 Reports suggest we made a bid for him after the City game in which Barton got injured 🙁 however the approach was rejected from old Harry and we decided to go and snap Kevin Nolan up instead and in my opinion we didn't lower our standard of quality when choosing Nolan 😀

I for one would be happy with Huddlestone but the fact of the matter is that he would cost at least £5m to prise away although I don't think if would take much for him to come to Newcastle providing we stay in the Premier League come Summer 😀 plus as know probably know by now I am very confident that we will be a Premier League team in May 😀

Comments appreciated 😀

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