Obafemi Martins loves Newcastle United

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Martins - Loves the fans and loves Newcastle

Obafemi Martins has come out today and said he loves Newcastle United and their brilliant fans, it is nice to see he has taken all into consideration. Also in his comments he said that he would ignore all speculation from Arsenal for now at least as he focuses to play and get goals for the Magpies, lets hope he certainly does. When speaking he also said he is ‘proud’ to play for the Toon and that he respects the fans kind gestures towards him at matches. Oba who has returned from recent injury is looking to score some goals and we can't wait until he does, literally.

“For the fact that they love me, I have to share the love as well, I have to love them back. They love me for the job I’m doing,”

“No matter how Newcastle’s doing you have to still love the team, you have to try and help.”

“I’m happy here and I’m proud that I’m playing for Newcastle.”

“A lot of my fans in Nigeria say ‘you have to go to Arsenal’ or this or that,”

“I understand what they feel, because Newcastle’s not doing good, but for me, I’m happy here and I need to play football.”

“I always say that they’re among the best fans ever, people in Newcastle are really good people.”

Lets hope Martins can start his scoring spree at a club that have been interested in him, Arsenal. How suiting it would be for Oba to score in a win at St.James’. If we get the win we can springboard onto other matches such as Chelsea and hopefully get something out of them._

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