No threat of Newcastle united going into administration

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### Llambias - Says Newcastle's financial situation is secure

Good news today as Derek Llambias has confirmed that Newcastle don't have to worry about going into administration. He has come out today after rumours suggesting that Newcastle would go into administration, were published from the usual crappy Sunday papers. Of course these headlines grab attention and indeed sales for teh papers but how convenient it is that all the bad rumours have to be about Newcastle. It is no mystery that a single paper would love to see Newcastle go down but it will a sweet taste at the end if we avoid relegation.

Derek has been more active with the press of late and to be fair we have been very obedient fans to stay that long without a proper explanation over Keegan's departure etc. Today he talked to Sky Sports about what truth was in the gossip yesterday :

‘We're in a situation fighting relegation (where) we need everybody behind us.’ Our finances are strong and there would be no threat of administration. Mike has been affected by the credit crunch, why should he be different to anybody else? ‘The club is not for sale and we've made it clear it's not where we want to go.’

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