Shearer sets discipline already

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Shearer - Already laying down markers

Already Shearer, as you would expect is making changes that will hopefully mean our survival in the Premier League. Today he has banned all players from going out and drinking until the end of the season and this seems very appropriate as far as I'm concerned. This will mean all players will hopefully be on their best possible game and inevitably guide us to safety. The last thing we need now is more disruptions to the Newcastle camp and as we all know, alcohol plays a huge part in disrupting things

So for Chelsea tomorrow we should have Guthrie back and perhaps Taylor & Bassong is Lady Luck is shining down on us. Imagine what a win tomorrow would do for the team and especially the mighty fans who celebrated yesterday as if we had beaten Sunderland 4-1. Surely teh mighty Geordies are the greatest fans in the world, St.James’ park is full to the brim for tomorrow and you can be sure the players will notice it too. Kevin Nolan has already said he wants all 3 points, Shearer want a positive performance and of course we all would like 3 points too. Anything is possible. Howay the Lads.

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