Lovenkrands ok after Chelsea incident

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### Lovenkrands - Ok and will be alright

Peter Lovenkrands took a little knock it seemed against Chelsea yesterday. The contact seemed minimal but the Dane struggles to recover and was replaced by Damien Duff after a few minutes of trying to recuperate on the sidelines. He was rushed to hospital geared with a breathing apparatus and was stable in hospital last night, Shearer confirmed. The extent of the injury is still unknown but it is believe he was finding it very difficult to breath and his gasps were painful. News is good though as he'll be back very soon and should be ready for the Stoke game.

Alan Shearer:

_‘He got a very, very nasty knock on his back and he was actually struggling to breathe.

‘They had to put the breathing apparatus on when he got into the dressing room.

‘Thankfully, he went off to hospital and they have now stabilised him and hopefully, he will be okay.'_

It's no lie to saying the Dane has probably one of our better January signings with goals against West Brom and Manchester United. Mind you he nearly netted a winner v Sunderland on his debut. Let's hope he can keep up the good work and score a few goals in this extremely tight run in.

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