A win against Stoke could be Shearer’s turning point

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###  Martins - Can score some goals before the end of the season

If we beat Stoke on Saturday, not only will it be our first win in some time but it will be a turning point for Shearer's stint I should think. If we win say 2-0 our goal difference will be -13, Sunderland who are 3 points ahead of us are playing Manchester United next. With United's dramatic win against Villa on Sunday you would expect a win at the Stadium of Light. Say they defeat Sunderland 3-0 which is possible, Sunderland's goal difference would go to -15. That would mean Newcastle would step out of the relegation zone on a temporary basis.

The only result we have to worry about is the one at the Britannia Stadium. We need a win and it's a very difficult place to get one as the likes of United, Liverpool, and Arsenal have found out. I really hope that we can unlock them and score a few goals against them. Hopefully we can curtail Rory Delap's throws and then we can stop any major chances of scoring. If they can't get throws then they won't score as many I'd suspect. What a win could do for the team on Saturday. Then move on to the next opponent.

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