We need to be optimistic otherwise it’s pointless

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As we enter the most important stage of the season with us lying 18th, in the relegation zone most supporters obviously think the worst. The possibility of being relegated from the finest league in the world to a league that is a long way off. Nobody wants to see Newcastle United in the Coca Cola League, we have the finest fans in the country and are one of the bigger teams in England. Newcastle being relegated would be a tragedy, not only for us, loyal Magpies but the English Premier League. We attract 40000 to St.James’ on a bad day, even during these hard economic times where cash is few and far between.

I've been asked on numerous occasions whether I think NUFC will be relegated and I've said the same answer. No one knows who will finish where in the table however I'm fully confident that Newcastle United will be a Premier League team come May. I think, with such support and a guaranteed manager until the end of the season we can only get better. Not only a guaranteed manager but a local legend at that. One of the best English strikers if not the, and a fans favorite, what more can we ask for? We shouldn't be where we are anyways, poor management from Mike Ashley and Co, are at fault for this mess. Our performances on the field have left a lot to be desired for too but it all comes down to stability and confidence.

There is no point approaching the rest of the season with a pessimistic attitude or fearing the worst at all times. We need to be optimistic and look for the most out of every game. We go to Stoke on Saturday needing to win. What a win could do for Newcastle is beyond explanation but one thing is for sure, we need one and another few on top of it. We can stay up and look to a brighter future under Shearer you would suspect, but if the man keeps us up and vows to walk away, no problem, he can only boost his popularity with the fans in keeping us up. That is the most important thing, forget all the ego's and popularity stakes, this is about Newcastle United and not a single player. If Shearer can't do it, no one can, no foreigner or Englishman, no one can wave a magic wand and turn things around in a flash. What we can do though is give our full support which I have no doubt the mighty Geordies will do.

We can stay up and I think we will, with a little luck we can reach safety before the last day of the season.

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