Attack or cautious approach to Stoke?

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Stoke - Tough place to go and play football

Well it's a must win game for us really when we travel to Stoke, Stoke themselves are in a little troubles themselves but we're in a worst case scenario which in truth we don't deserve to be. Shearer as manager has made some Geordies forget the economic recession and the goings on with NUFC in the year 2008 but we all know the look of the premier League table, lying in the danger zone, somewhere no teams want to be at this stage of the season, 7 games left.

The question remains though, do we attack at Stoke or try to defend and possible nick a winner early or late on in the game? Some fans might say neither will work as Stoke bring all teams that travel to the Britannia down to their own level and inevitably stop the teams playing football. I can only hope we get some rhythm going on Saturday and we can score a couple of goals too but Stoke themselves will be looking for all 3 points to lift them further out of safety. In my opinion I think we should attack, we have nothing to lose really. If we attack we can score, we have the quality to score unlike other teams around us. Michael Owen, Obafemi Martins anybody? If we defend then we needs buckets of lucks to get 3 points. I and all other Magpie fans are hoping for 3 points and no late drama like there was at St.James’. Come on lads, do us proud!

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