Shearer quietly confident on Stoke game

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Shearer - Hoping to get off to a flyer at Stoke

Alan Shearer today spoke to the local newspapers and talked about what he will implement for the upcoming Stoke game. Shearer said that he hopes what the lads have practiced in training can be replicated at the Britannia on Saturday afternoon. It seems Shearer is confident and that the players are performing well at training for him but there is one place and one place only we need their best performances and that's on the pitch. It's been a long time since we've been in a position that we are in now and I'm hoping with all other Newcastle fans that this will be the last time for many years to come. We deserve to be a Premier League team, without a doubt.

Shearer said :

_“It’s just one or two little tweaks here and there, which I think the players have wanted to happen but, for whatever reason, haven’t happened.

“Punctuality’s a major thing for myself, and we all eat together.

“The injured players are now in until late afternoon, and I hope that will have an effect in clearing the medical room.

“Players don’t like to stay until late afternoon – do they?”_

He also mentioned Joey Barton and Mark Viduka, saying they will play an important role in the the end of the season. Viduka can hold up play and score an odd one whilst Barton will give it everything he has. Hopefully we'll be safe and that the duo of both Barton and Viduka can just play out the rest of the season without any concerns.

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