Shearer set for Obafemi Martins talks

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Shearer - Will get it right

Alan Shearer didn't look best pleased before the Stoke game when the team was announced. Shola Ameobi started upfront alongside Michael Owen, apparently because Martins had a slight groin strain, which he called in, injured at 11am on match day. Calling in at that time is a little unacceptable to be honest considering where we are in the league and we need points fast. We hope that Martins doesn't have a falling out with Shearer because there's only one man the Toon Army ill back up on that one although Obagoal is quite the figure at St.James’. Martins hasn't scored in some time now and we need goals fast.

Shearer said :

_“Oba informed us at 11am that he wasn’t fit. That was disappointing considering we’d worked on a particular system over the past few days with no problems.

“We had to reshuffle the pack.”

_“He didn’t sleep in at all, that’s not true.

“I spoke to him on Saturday morning and asked him. I’ll speak to him again today and we’ll have another look at it.”

We haven’t got a left-back without Jose Enrique. That’s one of the reasons. I know Damien could have played there, and he did a great job in the wing-back position there.

“We just felt that with the strength Stoke had with Beattie and Fuller, we’d put the three lads in there, and I think it worked very well.

“It might be a different system we go with next Sunday at Spurs.

“For this particular occasion I felt it was right to leave one or two out and bring others in, and the lads who came in did a fantastic job.”_

We'd all like to see Martins playing and scoring and after all he's wearing Shearer's old number, the famous #9 so he should some respect. We go to Spurs next Sunday at 1.30 and hope for a repeat of what happened in White Hart Lane when Kevin Keegan was in charge. A 4-1 win for the Toon Army for those who can't remember it.  Butt,  Geremi, Owen and Martins all on target. We need points and we need safety, lets hope we can get all 3 on Sunday.

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