Shearer wants fantastic support to continue

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Shearer - Wants fans to give it their all

Alan Shearer has today urged fans to continue their great support of Newcastle United through these hard times and hopes that their home games end in 9 points for the Toon side. Speaking today, Shearer said that the fans have been unreal both at home and on their travels, even at Spurs they were at full voice. At his first game when the first goal went it for Chelsea the fans began to sing ‘Shearer, Shearer’.How many other sets of fans would you have doing the same? The best fans in Britain are Newcastle fans and I'm not the only one to say that, Arsene Wenger, Hiddink and Alex Ferguson also praising the mighty Geordies.

Shearer said :

“There is already enough pressure on us. It should be a great occasion anyway.

“I am asking the fans to get there early and make it a great atmosphere. I know we are always asking for something from our fans, but we are now asking for even more from them. I hope they do.

“It is a big if at this time. We are in a tough position.

“I believe we have enough fight, bottle and enough good players to get out of it.

“In the previous three games we have not created enough and have not looked a goal threat.

“It is all about us, and if we approach the game the right way we will be good enough.

“It means every-thing to us, staying in the Premier League. The stadiums, atmospheres and the players.

“I believe if we win three more games this season it will be enough. I am hopeful we can do that.”

There is no doubt Toon fans will be in full voice come Monday and we hope the players will be harmony too. one thing's for sure, we need all 3 points full stop.

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