Jonas happy at Newcastle United

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Jonas - A big player for us now

Jonas Gutierrez probably didn't know when he joined us in September, what was ahead of him. he himself got off a wonderful start against Manchester United at Old Trafford. He ran his socks off and was simply sublime, well worth the point we managed to get. He came on a controversial free, from Mallorca and they are still very frustrated at how he was snatched from them. it is believed Jonas terminated him own contract to join Newcastle but Mallorca claim he was asked to, by the Toon. Jonas has been in good form for Newcastle but unfortunately hasn't scored for us this season.

We can't see why not, he's got the legs and skill to race past numerous defenders, all he hasn't done so far is, put it in they back of the net. He has assisted many this season but yet to nab one himself. Perhaps Portsmouth will be the one. Speaking today he said he is well aware of the situation that we're in.

“I have no regrets.

“I hoped I would have the chance to go to Portsmouth in January 2008 before I came here.

“But I am glad that I came here.

“The only worry is that we have five games and we have to win as many of them as possible.”

Asked whether he'd consumed the bottle of bubbly that he received following The Portsmouth game away, in which we won 3-0, he replied.

“I still have the champagne, I didn’t drink it and it’s still at my home.

“If we stay up at the end of the season I am sure I will drink that champagne.”

How suiting it would be if he scored a couple on Monday 🙂

Comments appreciated 🙂

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