Beye believes in Shearer’s tactics

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Beye - Attacking football will work

Habib Beye today said that Shearer's idea of attacking football for the rest of the season is a very good idea and Beye himself thinks it will work come Monday. Beye who is just back from injury has made an impression at the back already, most notibly against Spurs where he was excellent. Toon fans love Habib because he cares about the club and especially the fans, he wants to keep us up and they are the type of players we need. He arrived from Marseille for roughtly around £2m, which was a very good deal, he aspired to Newcastle's player of the season the same year too so it shows what he's made of.

Beye said :

“Alan’s had a big impact, and you can see that in the team.

“We have more spirit now.

“Alan’s tried to give the spirit to the team.”

“Everyone believes we can be safe. There are 15 points to get, and it’s not finished.

“Alan is a winner.

“His mentality is like that. I think he brings that to the team.”

Asked about Monday night he replied :

“He doesn’t want to see his club go to the Championship.

“I think that is why he tries his best every day for the team, and why we try give our best.

“We were disappointed to come back to Newcastle without any points from Spurs, but that game is over now, and we have to get three points against Portsmouth.

“I think we’ll do it.”

Three points is vital against Pompey or else we're relying on a miracle.

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