Staring relegation in the eyes

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Shearer - Doing all he can to save NUFC

The days are long gone when we used to put it up to the big four. Long gone are the days when we we're challenging for Europe and it also seems that the days are gone when we used to score goals. 1 goal in our last five with 2 of them at home. When Shearer took over at Newcastle there was a atmosphere of excitement and expectation. Of course we didn't expect immediate success, we hoped for a turn in performances, we've got that. Our back four have tightened somewhat but cannot put the ball in the back of the net. We've Middlesbrough next and what a game that will be, what a game it will have to be.

For the neutral you'd probably be delighted to watch the next game because it means two sides who are deep in relegation troubles, will be going all out for it. It will indeed be the case come Monday and you'd expect goals, even though both teams haven't scored anything worth mentioning in their last few games. We'd hope that Newcastle will go ahead, and perhaps grab another before half time if not two, but can we see that happening? No one knows what will happen on Monday. one thing is for sure though, both team need all 3 points and will more than likely do everything in their power to get them.

Hull are Newcastle's and Boro's catch up target. A win for either the Tyne or Tee would help them above Hull providing the Tigers lose their tie at Villa Park. This Premier league season has brought some surprises and none least, Newcastle's current position. If Newcastle happen to be relegated you couldn't see them resuming top flight status again, or for some considerable amount of time. There would be a major clear out, both with players and back-room staff. For a club who used be the best in the Premiership as it was, it's disappointing to see where they have gone.

The only way Newcastle will survive is if we win 2 games. We have the perfect chance against Boro and Fulham but we had out chances previously against Stoke, Pompey etc. Winning two games is necessary and the other aspect that has to go our way is for Hull to lose all their remaining games. 2 wins would give us 6 points and bring us to 37, the current Blackburn tally, 37 points should be enough and should keep us safe but Gareth Southgate will be thinking the exact same thing about his side. The probability of us winning 2 games on the bounce is very doubtful but maybe, just maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised.

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