Barton will be forgotten about as Newcastle prepare for Boro

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### Guthrie - Hoping to start against Boro

On Monday night at around 10pm we will knows Newcastle's Premier League situation, if we are to lose it's goodbye to our Premier League campaign, if we win, there will be some confidence and hopefully enough to aspire another win if not two. Shearer insists that Joey Barton is nowhere near his or the teams thoughts as they prepare for battle against another team, desperately fighting for their survival this season. Speaking to the Chronicle Live today Big Al is confident heading into the tie at St.James’

Shearer said :

‘It hasn’t affected us. The mood has been good and that’s encouraging.

‘Joey has been suspended until further notice. We will make another statement or comment when the time is right.

‘Other than that, there is far more important things to talk about.’

Obviously stressed after the Joey Barton sending off Shearer said that the only option is to move on.

‘There are different challenges every single day.

‘You don’t know what will face you.

‘But I’m enjoying it.’

It's also a new rule at NUFC that the players arrive at 10am for training each morning, some players are rumored to be unhappy at this, but I'd certainly have no problem when I'm getting a good £30,000 a week 😀

‘I think a lot has been made about discipline, but there has been no crackdown.

‘I have asked people to be in at 10am, that’s all. There is a fine system in place, but that’s all.

‘I don’t think it is unreasonable to ask people to come to work on time.’

No doubt Shearer has taken the club by the scruff of the neck and made it his own, it also seems that Ashley isn't going to mess up a 2nd time when it comes to local heroes and it allowing Shearer to have full control. Good choice Mike.

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