No one knows what’s going on at Newcastle United

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Ashley - What't going at Newcastle United?

There was no developments today in the talks between Alan Shearer and Mike Ashley. For two days in a row and for 6-7 hours straight both parties met. It's a meeting over whether Alan Shearer will stay as Newcastle boss and what indeed the plans are for Newcastle's Championship campaign coming up in August. Mike Ashley is a less than popular character around Newcastle with most people blaming him for the relegation of one of the biggest club in England.

It's still unknown what is really going on at Newcastle with neither Ashley or indeed Shearer giving any real information away. The outcome of this will be the final twist in the tale as the start of the Championship isn't that far away.  Rumors suggested that NUFC were also in takeover talks and that indeed would be a significant landmark in Newcastle's story. There has to be some news released soon about the scenario we're facing and who'll be managing us come August when we either hit the road of arrive at St. James’ for the first game in the Coca Cola Championship.

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