Newcastle United must be sorted out by the end of June

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NUFC - In even more trouble if things aren't sorted soon

This season or I should really say last season, was a disastrous one for the might Newcastle United. It saw an owner who wanted to sell then didn't , because he couldn't, 4 different managers, the departure of a Messiah and his replacement nearly leaving in another way. Then came Chris Hughton, and the big one - Alan Shearer. We believed at that time , if there was anyone who could save Newcastle United, it would indeed be the local hero Shearer. He tried he best, the players didn't give it their all and we were relegated to a division that has often been the death-ground of many former Premier League clubs.

If you think things are bad now, you can't imagine how they will be should Newcastle be owner less and manager less in their first season in the Coca Cola Championship. Ashley has already indicated he wants to sell but not many parties have shown their interest or so we are led to believe. Earlier I reported that Sultan Qaboos Bin Said was apparently interested, but no one knows if there's any truth in that story. We certainly hope there is because if Newcastle aren't sorted by the end of the month we'll have missed out on transfers, etc. If we can sell by the end of the month, get the manager installed (Shearer) and get shipping in and out players then we might just succeed in the CCC.

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