Sultan interested in Newcastle United?

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Sultan Oabood bin Said - Interested in buying Newcastle?

Well as we know by now, Mike Ashley is looking to sell and it seems that there are two interested parties already. One of them is understood to be an English consortium where the other is apparently Sultan Oabood bin Said a rich foreigner that I personally don't know too much about. What I do is, he owns the Gulf state and it worth a about $1.1bn which isn't too bad if you ask me. However it isn't all about money as we found out with Ashley, he was worth a similar amount to this guy but his ownership was/is terrible. We're hoping for a quick sale, and to whoever has the best intentions in mind for NUFC.

There is also news that Alan Shearer has already players lined up who he is going to buy when the owners are sorted. This could be very good news because we won't have much time before the Championship season starts. Apparently these players are interested in coming too, but then again, why wouldn't they? After all we are the biggest club in our division now. Let's hope we prove that and end up aloft the table come this time next year. Most people want Ashley gone and he wants out himself, we hope for a quick takeover but then again, when is anything ever straight forward with Newcastle United?

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