Michael Owen will walk on a free transfer

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Owen - Can join new club for nothing now

He joined for £17m in what was a major coup for Newcastle United Football club, although we paid a little over the odds for him he was still Michael Owen, the exciting center forward who bagged loads of goals each season. We got to forget that Michael, the one we know now is a slower, less alert finisher that bags £108,000 a week rather than goals. He's been through awful injuries, broken ankle at Tottenham on New Years Day, and then ruptured knee ligaments 2 minutes in, in the World Cup v Sweden. We missed him for two seasons and he never got a real partnership with Alan Shearer either.

Now, once again with Shearer, Owen delayed signing a new contract with Newcastle until the end of the season, for reasons that are pretty obvious. As much as you might not think Michael Owen is still a major football player across the world. It's a big pity he never got to play an entire full season with Newcastle, this year being his most prominent one and what a season it was. Relegated to the Coca Cola Championship for the first time in 16 years. When the economy is at it's worst Newcastle have got relegated, big cuts are needed and there will be no other option but to take them. High earner will be got rid of and Michael Owen too. Unfortunately for Newcastle we won't get anything for him because his contract is up.

Some time in the Summer Lil’ MO will leave to either Liverpool, Everton, Man City or some other team for nothing. After we paid £40.5m for his few years here, we got a few goals in return, the best, probably his brace v Sunderland when Keegan was in charge. Keegan is gone and so will Michael Owen. Even he if wanted to stay Newcastle wouldn't be able to afford him, unless of course he took a 90% wage cut, and that seems rather unlikely. Owen is a nice guy in fairness but most Magpies will be glad to see his back. The only thing that annoys us is that he'll walk scotch free into a another club and knowing our luck, rediscover his scoring tough and become the Michael Owen we used to know.

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