Some real interest in Newcastle sale

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NUFC - 2 or 3 interested parties

It's your usual Sunday goss about Newcastle and there are articles flying everywhere. However we think this is a real one and that it can be from a trusted source. Apparently there are ‘2 or 3’ parties interested in Newcastle United with Freddy Sheppard one of them. Speaking today Keith Harris, the man given the job to sell the club said there was some ‘real, decent’ interest in buying Newcastle United and that a deal could well be sorted before July.

Harris said :

‘I'm confident that there will be offers for Mike to consider in quite short order,’ Harris told Radio Five Live's Sportsweek.

‘There is real and decent interest, this is not necessarily from far flung parts of the globe and those expressing interest when it was first marketed but this is good, gritty interest.’

‘It is a huge club,’ he said. ‘If you think in attendance terms last year, it exceeded Liverpool, averaging 48,000 and Liverpool a little over 45,000.

‘If you walk around the infrastructure, the training ground, the academy, if you're a person who is willing to take a view over the next two to three years, this is a club that belongs in the top seven.’

He's hit the nail on the head there but we need new owners, and fast. I personally don't want FS back in Newcastle United as out finances weren't good at all with him at the helm, however they aren't too good either now. Either way we'd like to see a decent buyer with some nice cash to invest and will give time to Shearer should they decide to appoint him.

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