The mess that is Newcastle United and Mike Ashley continues

Words by Kevin Doocey on

Ashley - Wasting time and money by the minute

The saga continues, the mess continues and the uncertainty is at it’s worst. No one knows what’s going on at Newcastle United, Mike Ashley certainly doesn’t know. We do know however there are interested buyers and hopefully are getting into advanced stages with talks over a takeover. We need a takeover very soon if we’re to stand any chance of mounting a promotion challenge. Fixtures for the Championship are coming out very soon indeed and whilst players will report back for training, Newcastle won’t have an owner a manager or even definite players by then, or you’d think.

Mike Ashley has driven this club into the ground and every day, we’re going further. We keep saying we won’t end up like Leeds but we’re going that way and fast. It’s sad to see, considering we are a very big club still, slipping into the unknown and mightn’t come back either. We need the takeover completed soon, let Ashley forget his own demise and take a hit financially for the sake of Newcastle United. He’ll still be a millionaire even when he does leave. We need new ownership, very quickly or else we’re in even bigger trouble.

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