The goal that sent Newcastle United down

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Despair - Final whistle sounds at Villa Park

As depressing as it is to go back on, I've picked the goal that in my opinion sent Newcastle United down to the Coca Cola Championship. I'm sure you have your own ideas or maybe you believe I should be writing about the goal that ‘didn't keep us up’ but then again I'm sticking with this one. I remember where I was when I heard it, standing beside a radio hoping to hear ‘The final whistle has gone at St.James’ or something to end my anxiety but no, the worst was yet to come. The radio presenter said ‘We'll, we've heard there's been a goal at St.James’ - my heart stopped - hoping it would be a third goal for Newcastle clinch it but yet again I would be proved wrong. Indeed for me, it was the goal to sent us packing and maybe rightly so.

Guess who it was? Mr. Abdoulaye Faye the former servant of Newcastle United, or should we say Sam Allardyce, actually no, a servant of terrible football. When I hear that Newcastle conceded on the last minute to a former player (and with his feet mind you) I was devastated. Throwing a 2 nil lead too, even Owen scored twice in that game, suppose we can't have some luck without something in return eh? For me, it's the goal that sent us down. If we held on we would've had an extra 2 points, not a measly one (although all we needed to stay up was one). With an extra two points we would've been safe, ahead of Hull and waiting for another season in the Premier League. What goal do you think sent Newcastle United down?

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