Two bidders left in Newcastle United race

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You'd think the takeover of Newcastle United FC must be nearing completion but then again, that's the problem, we don't know. Apparently two bidders are left and Freddy Shepperd is not one of them. A source revealed tonight who the American interest is but it's credibility is very questionable. Speaking to a tabloid paper, bare in mind, it's Sunday, the source revealed that American bidder (if there is one) is a guy by the name of Larry Page who plays a major role in Google. He's worth a nice $15.8 bn and he's 36 years old. His age alone makes me doubt his interest.

The source said :

‘Larry has talked about Newcastle United for some time now, he's a sports fan and noticed that Newcastle suffered a major setback which was relegation. Of course Mr.Page has a taste for money and believes Newcastle Football Club would be a good acquisition for himself’

‘He's interested but before he considers buying, he wants to know what he's getting in to, regards the club itself’

Seems a little dodgy to me, but I could be surprised and he ends up actually buying the club. Remember, it's Sunday, don't hold your breath.

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