Malaysians expected to gain control of Newcastle United today or tomorrow

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Krishnan - Expected to gain control today or tomorrow

The debacle seems to continue on for ever but Mike Ashley is leaving, it's official, although we already knew that, it's going to happen in the next couple of days with Ananda Krishnan completing the buyout. indeed £100m isn't too much to the billionaire that is worth just under $8bn and I'm sure a £20m transfer budget wouldn't be stretching the bank either 😀 We're expecting a press conference soon about the announcement as the Malaysians are putting the finishing touches to the deal. They paid a second visit to Benton HQ yesterday and they weren't doing it for the scenery.

If there is no sale within this week then it's Mike Ashley's fault because the Malaysians are already to go and more importantly ready to appoint Alan Shearer to the much coveted managerial role. It's now known whether he'll travel to Ireland to meet up with the players ahead of their game against Shamrock Rovers but he'll be definitely available for the Dundee friendly.

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