Reports – Harris has recommended a bidder to Ashley

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Harris - Reportedly recommended a bidder to Ashley

Will we ever be sold is the question being asked every day of the week from Newcastle fans, and you yourself may begin to wonder if Mike Ashley will depart from St.James Park anytime soon. However the latest reports are, that Keith Harris, who is working on the Newcastle sale on Seymour Pierce's behalf, has recommended a bidder to Ashley and it's up to Mike to accept or reject. How true these reports are , we don't know but if everything went to plan, Keith Harris would've reported back to Ashley yesterday evening. Things are never simple at Newcastle United though are they?

As the Singaporean group have confirmed their interest you have to wonder whether it's genuine interest or not. All parties interested in Newcastle were said to have signed a ‘Non Disclosure Agreement’ or an NDA to keep their identities hidden. But yesterday, the Singapore group confirmed their interest, for the second time and you have to wonder if their interest in honest. I personally think it is and that they may well be the front runners for the takeover but someone (if anyone) takes over that we've never heard of before, then that wouldn't be a surprise at all.

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