Charlie Chawke ‘very’ interested in buying Newcastle United

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Chawke - Interested in obtaining Newcastle United

Breaking news today about the Newcastle United takeover. I was eating my breakfast and listening to national radio when I heard Newcastle mentioned. Thinking it was all about the friendly I listened half intently and then I heard some rather staggering news about a new runner for Newcastle United. Charlie Chawke was speaking to the radio channel in Ireland ‘RTE Radio’ and confirmed to radio host that he is interested in buying Newcastle United. For those of you that don't know who he is, he's the man that had a huge hand in bringing Sunderland to where they are now. He owned quite a bit of Sunderland but recently sold, for a profit, to Ellis Short.

Speaking to the radio he said Newcastle was a far bigger ‘pocket’ and that such a city, with such supporters deserve to be in the Premier League. Chawke, was heavily involved with Niall Quinn and brought Sunderland back to the big stage, and stayed there. He'd be a very good owner, a very wise man, well known in Ireland for his ventures and said he would love the adventure of bringing Newcastle United back to the Premier League, where they belong. A pundit speaking after that advised Charlie to get a move on because the other consortia were ‘well down the road’ with the Newcastle United sale. Only problem is, it would take another good week for Charlie and his fellow men to make any progress in the sale.

‘We're putting a syndicate hopefully together to do just that (bid for Newcastle).

‘We had a great time in Sunderland. We got seven Irish people and one English person together with a syndicate and we succeeded in acquiring Sunderland.

‘We had three great years there but unfortunately we're gone now. It's sold out to an American and we're looking for options and Newcastle is a very viable option at the moment.

‘It's on sale for about 100 million which is about 500 million less than what it was worth a year and a half or two years ago.

‘We have to look at options other than Sunderland and Newcastle would fit very nicely into our portfolio.’

‘What we're trying to do at the moment is put together a syndicate of people who are interested firstly in football and then investing with us in Newcastle United if possible.’

‘We're thinking about possibly the same as we had in Sunderland, about eight people maybe, depending on what money we can get.’

‘It's a great club, it houses 52,000 people. It's a great city, Newcastle.

‘It's a bit like Dublin - vibrant, full of fun… all the best things in life are there. It makes perfect sense if I could just swing it.’

So there it is, the sale takes another twist. A new interested party - Charlie Chawke heading a bid for Newcastle United amongst other rich individuals.

Remember where you heard it first - Tyne Time 😀

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