Coloccini willing to stay at Newcastle United

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Coloccini - Will stay if his wages remain the same - no thank you

Fabricio Coloccini said today that he would consider staying at Newcastle United during our first Coca Cola Championship campaign, but only if he retains his £50,000k + a week. Speaking about a proposed transfer away from the club he said it was basically impossible to leave at the time being because of Newcastle’s constant uncertainty and the mess we’re in right now. Obviously Coloccini would be looking to leave to a higher standard of football but we’d be looking to recoup at least £7m of the £10.3 we spent on him, is some club is generous enough to offer that fee.

Coloccini said :

“I’m unhappy about the situation because I came to the Premier League with so much hope and the season was a disaster,”

“People have criticised the players but all the problems within the club damaged us on the pitch.”

“I have never experienced so many changes on the bench during my career, and stability is fundamental for players.”

“If a solution is not possible, I am willing to play in the Championship, but with the same financial conditions.”

To be honest, he’s right about the off-field drama and whatnot but there’s not a hope in hell he’ll remain on the same wages if he does stay with Newcastle. Personally I think he can leave, and we use the money on other decent Championship players. No doubt Coloccini will turn out a fine player when/if he moves and we’ll be hearing his name again that’s for sure.

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