Newcastle United fans still loyal as ever

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Fans - Where else would you find such fans?

We may have suffered the worst in relegation but it could be a mixed blessing for the Toon faithful. We no longer will be paying high earners for sitting on the benches and won't going through managers as if they were skittles - right? We certainly hope things will change but so far the only thing good at the club, are the fans. Mike Ashley is trying to sell the club or so we think but in all fairness he's doing a very poor job at it. We've been waiting far too long for a sale to be completed and it looks as if we will start the Coca Cola Championship campaign with Chris Hughton in charge of the team.

It's a disgrace really considering we've had ages to sort it out. Mike Ashley especially should just sell, he's going to take a loss, it's just a matter of how much. Why can't he just accept he £80m that has been offered, or so they say, and run with the money, never to return. Most can't understand how he managed to make himself billions, because from what he's showed with his decisions is far from prudent. We'll give him the fact that he didn't know how to run a football club and that running a chain of Sports stores is a way different ball game. Only thing is, this time, the ball is Newcastle United Football Club.

With over 25,000 season tickets sold you really can't put into words how loyal the Newcastle fans are. If all are attend we'd expect maybe another 10k + 5 k travelling support to pack St.James’ meaning an attendance of maybe up to 40,000 people. That would be unbelievable for a Championship team, and it could only happen in Newcastle. Some people may call it stupidity, but it shows their true love of football and indeed the club. If only Alan Shearer was head coach and we have new owners, could you imagine the turn out? Looks like it might not happen though, not for a while anyway.

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