Are Newcastle United ready for a season in the Coca Cola Championship?

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Players - Can they gain automatic promotion?

With the new Coca Cola Championship season only days away we look at players who we think can lead us back to where we belong, the Premier League. When we look for a leader in a team that had the 5th highest wage bill in the Premier, and were relegated, what leaders just shoot out of a bunch of over-paid Prima donnas? There's not many, which is rather alerting. Steve Taylor may be our best bet, with Andy Carroll closely following. Notice how both of these lads are local? Born in the area, brought up in the area and play football for the club they love. Can that be said for the other players? Fabricio Coloccini? Jonas Gutierrez? Xisco? Jose Enrique? They don't understand what's happened it seems, they think they can continue on their huge wages doing nothing but giving us more grief each time they line out in the Toon colours.

When you look at this team , you look for players who want to get us out of the mess we're in. Danny Guthrie, Alan Smith, Andy Carroll, Damien Duff, Kevin Nolan and Steve Harper have all said they want to bring Newcastle United back to the Premier League and have no intention of leaving, however, what's the bets an offer from a decent EPL team comes along and they're out of Toon quite literally? The only players I could see shining in a bleak bunch of over-paid players is Danny Guthrie, Andy Carroll and Steven Taylor. Guthrie is a great player and will play a big role in our forthcoming season. He'll get stuck in and won't be afraid to commit, or we certainly hope so.

If I'm to be honest, I can't see us being promoted straight away, maybe we could've if Shearer was appointed straight after relegation, given some financial backing and the freedom most managers have. Instead we're stuck with an owner who wants to sell, but can't but continues to effect everyone related with Newcastle United. If he was to do this to a different club, say in London, he's be on the train out of there before he could blink twice. Football means more to the people of Newcastle than most people think. Yet, Ashley, Llambias don't know this. Ashley saw Newcastle as a business oppotunity, one that went totally wrong for him. Surely you can't expect to make a profit from a football club, however NUFC is a unique football club, the opportunity is there for right type of guy. With a fan base like that how can you go wrong? Bring in the right staff, players and people around you, things might be just ok. When is anything ever easy with Newcastle United though? Are we ready for a season in Championship football, sadly not.

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