Mahjoob Sirous about buying the Toon?

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Keegan - Set for a dramatic return?

Indeed when we had given up all hope of finding a new buyer for our club in the last few days, we are hit by an abundance of fresh news but perhaps, some substance to it. Apparently now , an Iranian businessman but the name of Sirous Mahjoob is ‘close to completing’ the sale of Newcastle United. I did have some notions, as did many of us, that something was going on when Obafemi Martins had reportedly agreed to join Wolfsburg. Now Derek Llambias has spoken and said that the club could well be in the hands of new owners by next week, or hopefully this week.

Llambias said :

“We are dealing with several people and giving most of our time and attention to the sale.

“You must remember that some parties make offers but when it comes to putting up proof of funds they are a long way from sealing a deal.

“But I can say we are very close to completing a deal and it could happen next week.

“It’s Catch 22 – anyone who signs a deal will want their own choice of manager.

“Look what happened when Mike took over, Sam Allardyce was already in place and he didn’t want him.”

Later that day, a spokesman on behalf of Mahjoob released this statement :

“My purpose in buying Newcastle is to help Iranian football,”

“Without any question my love and passion for my country has made me want to create a bridge and a good relationship between Iranian football and British football. With this I could be part of making Iranian football grow.

“Ali Daei is a definite priority for coaching the Newcastle team for the first season,” he said. “Daei is one of my close friends and we have had short conversations together, although we haven’t had serious talks with regards to this. After we purchase the club we will talk with Daei in regards to his presence.”

It's a dramatic turn of events when we were just contemplating a another term under Ashley but we did sniff something out when Martins was going to Wolfsburg, and the supposed transfer embargo seemed to have been lifted. We can only wait and see.

The  most shocking thing about it, is the fact, the possible new owner wants to bring Kevin Keegan back as manager and leaving Shearer by the wayside again. I don't think this would be fair on Shearer who has waited patiently for so long, and the man calls for his appointment. Then again I wouldn't mind seeing Keegan back as manager with Shearer on the sideline with him, as his assistant. It's an eventful day on Tyneside and maybe, just maybe, we could be nearing the exit of Mike Ashley and welcoming new foreign owners who might, be able to boost us back to where we belong.

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