Newcastle unveil snazzy third kit

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Third - Very nice jersey for a third choice shirt

Amidst all the speculation and all the desperation, Newcastle always surprise us. Before yesterdays game against Dundee it was announced the lads would wear a new 3rd kit, which has not yet been released. Expecting another bizarre kit I was greeted by a very nice looking design, very similar to Inter Milan's. Personally I think it should replace the current yellow design but then again, that won't happen. Although the yellow jersey has been a big seller I believe that this new kit which involves black and white stripes would sell even better if it was our new away kit. If we're lucky we'll wear it 5 times in all competitions, last year we only wore our third kit which was silver, about twice as far as I can remember.

It's surprising , when we're in the middle of a takeover, that we release a new jersey but that may mean the ownership has been sorted. We certainly hope so, as it's dragged on far too long. We've West Brom on Saturday and if we can pull of a performance like we did the last time we visited The Hawthorns then we could be alright.

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