Mike Ashley likely to stay on as owner

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### Ashley - His reign to continue

All the hopes we had after relegation, of Shearer bringing us back up to the Premier League under new ownership and the most appetizing thought of them all Mike Ashley ending his tenure in charge of the club. Well it seems we're all going to be disappointed again, with Mike Ashley about to take the club off the market. We've had Malaysians, Iranians, Americans, Englishmen, Irish, Singaporean and many more supposed interest in NUFC but none of the them had come to bear fruit. It's understood that there is one last straw and that is, Barry Moat, a local businessman who is make or break for Newcastle United, Mike Ashley and us, the fans.

We are led to believe that Mike Ashley has crashed down in London for emergency talks with Mr. Moat but the offer that the local business tycoon has on the table, is reportedly far less that Mike Ashley's asking price. Ashley is asking for £100m for the club, more than half of what he looked for last Christmas. Most interested parties have offered around £60-75m and it's believed that Moat's offer is about £75m. Rumours were suggesting that Mike Ashley would accept a down payment of £20m and the rest over a period of time, that should be very attractive for Moat and indeed the other interested consortia. However , knowing Ashley he's probably some other clause involved in that.

Derek Llambias, MD said a few weeks ago that there were ‘2 or more’ interested parties in Newcastle United Football Club. Where did they go? The most frightening thing of all, is the fact we'll probably be seeing Mike Ashley for another long time.

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