The ball is in Barry Moat’s court now

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Moat - Needs to deposit funds by Friday

It seems that the decision is with Barry Moat whether to buy the club at this stage. It's understood that Mike Ashley is willing to accept the offer from Moat but he wants a deposit by Friday in an unspecified bank account. If Moat can do this then he will complete the takeover and we will be finally be Ashley free. Whether Moat can agree to this is another thing, Ashley will then take Newcastle United off the market and appoint either David O'Leary or Joe Kinnear to the managerial role. We certainly hope it's the first option and that Moat deposits the monies and completes the long awaited takeover, however, I think there's another twist in tale yet.

Alan Shearer is still waiting in the wings for the job and a source close to Alan said :

“He is still waiting, that is all he can do. Hopefully the money will be deposited as quickly as possible and the club sold.”

It seems now that nothing will be resolved before the game against Reading or the encounter with Wednesday but as long as we do sell then most Newcastle United fans will be happy. It's drawn on far too long now and some people think it's just as well pulling the club off the market, appointing a manager and pulling our sleeves up. The only thing I want is a new owner and Shearer as manager. What ever happened To Sirous Mahjoob and his plans for Newcastle? It was proven that he was a real person but his interest seems to have died down. Although it's said that Moat is the only interested party the infamous source close to Ashley begs to differ

“Barry Moat is not in the driving seat. There are still others out there but nothing is likely to be resolved before Saturday’s game with Reading.”

Who are these other bidders if there are anymore? Please just resolve the situation and sell up Mike.

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