Ashley and Moat both stubborn businessmen

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### Moat - Stubborn as Ashley

OK, you might be saying to yourself, Ashley is far from a businessman and has no brain at all. Each day it keeps tilting towards that instinct but considering he was a billionaire, he must have done some things right. He's the owner of most Sports Direct retail stores, and even though their sales went sky high this year, their operating profit has decreased steadily from the last year. Whereas Barry Moat who is the executive of over 15 companies, he started making his fortune from selling novelty toys including one that was even presented to the Queen as a present. Now, who would be laughed at more when/if things go wrong. Surely the ‘novelty’ would ware off Moat fairly quickly if he's anything like Ashley.

Indeed that is where I pick the subject up from, I believe that Barry Moat isn't far off being like Ashley and both have the same attitude when it comes to business. The only problem is, Ashley has treated Newcastle United FC like a novelty toy (excuse the pun) and has tossed it around at his own free will. That is what Newcastle United fans including myself have had to suffer for the last two years. All hopes were high when he took over at first but when the dirty work came calling, Ashley was nowhere to be seen, and that's quite hard to imagine considering he is quite a big man. All we can hope for is a Moat takeover, surely he can't be any worse than Mike Ashley, for a while anyway. He's a local man and for that reason he will actually know what buttons he can and cannot push with the Newcastle United faithful. Unfortunately for Ashley he's pressed too many buttons and the next one will hopefully be the ‘EXIT’ one.

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