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Although we're stuck in probably the position a football club could be in with no manager, no owner and no new signings it's more than surprising to hear that Newcastle United scouts were present at the Scotland and Norway game last night. A game in which Norway won comfortably, all eyes were on Erik Huseklepp, the Norwegian who has attracted a lot of interest from other clubs, including our own very Newcastle United it seems. Huseklepp was a Shearer target when he was in charge and gave the green light to go get him, before of course he was terminated from his managerial spot and still awaits to be reappointed.

Could it be that Shearer is as good as in control and is beginning he transfer dealing already or is that too thoughtful per usual from the Geordie faithful? It would be a very pleasant surprise if true but even hearing our scouts were present was quite encouraging itself. Perhaps we are ready to plunge into the market, as frightening as it sounds, with Ashley still our owner. Either way we want to situation resolved and mainly we want Ashley gone and Shearer as manager, something he has waited for a long time and something we have relished since May 24th. Tomorrow is meant to be D-Day for the club and depositing the £25m to Ashley from Moat, or will we be disappointed yet again?

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