Barry Moat has competition for Newcastle

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Moat - Has secured backing from Barclays

Derek Llambias today confirmed to Sky Sports News that Barry Moat has indeed begun talks with the clubs hierarchy over the sale of the beleaguered club. Moat was present at our 3-0 win over Reading in which was one of the finest games the lads have played in St.James’ Park in a long time. At the final whistle, Moat was seen shaking hands with Mike Ashley, perhaps just a business style fashion but it could be interpreted as agreeing on the sale of the club in principle. Although Moat is in tentative discussions with the club Llambias confirmed that he wasn't the only one and that there were other interested parties in talks as well.

As we know Moat is interested we're curious to know who the others are, it could well be foreign interest or fantasy Middle Eastern backing. However either way if it brings Mike Ashley reign at Newcastle to an end, I think we'll settle for anyone with decent cash and good plans for our beloved club. Maybe Sirous Mahjoob is still in the running after proving to be a real human being or maybe there are Americans in the running. We don't know because all Llambias said was that Moat was in talks along with other interested parties.It wouldn't surprise me if Llambias was told to go to the media and say Moat has indeed begun discussions, by Moat himself. We'll just have to wait and see, yet again.

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