The man leading ‘Fans 410’ bid for Newcastle United

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Roberts - Where will he get the money from?

There has been a new spanner thrown into the works at Newcastle United now as yesterday, Sky Sports were told that Graham Roberts, a former footballer was heading a bid from a consortium called ‘Fans 410’, to buy Newcastle United. This news comes just as Barry Moat was close to sealing the club but now the former defender said that he has friends who want to own a football club and that the Magpies are the perfect opportunity. The main question we all have it, where he’ll get the money and how long will he keep this hope of buying the club, alive? We’re pretty sure he won’t take the club owner but he has confirmed that he’s meeting the clubs chairman tomorrow, (and the chairman is?). We’re guessing he means Derek Llambias who goes under the title of Managing Director.

Roberts said:

‘We are called Fans 410, it is some people I know who want to buy a football club and we have approached Newcastle and we have a meeting tomorrow with the chairman and that is where we are at the moment.

‘We have to find out what the debt is. The bottom line is no one knows what the debt is and when we talk to the chairman tomorrow we can take it from there but we are very keen.

Indeed it would be interesting to see what the debt of the club is but we can’t see a fans group taking over just yet anyway. Although, Roberts is adamant that this is for the fans benefit.

‘It is more for the fans really. We want to get the fans involved, we want to be like a Barcelona or Real Madrid and take the club forward so they can get involved, get a share of their club and at the end of it they can own their club and have a say in how it is run and choose a president.

When asked about who the preferable manager choice is, he wasted no time is announcing Alan Shearer would be manager should ‘Fans 410’ succeed with the takeover bid.

‘Yes we want Alan Shearer to be the manager, he is the number one choice in the fan base. That is the one stipulation we have, we want Alan on board, and we will move forward from there.‘

As the fans say, ‘There’s never a dull moment on Tyneside’. That has been justified yet again, today.

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