Newcastle United proved the media wrong

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Players - Showing no signs of instability and uncertainty

The following days after Newcastle’s relegation from the Premier League, there wasn’t much news. The media, were giving us a little time to remorse amongst ourselves until they got their chance to take constant digs at NUFC throughout the summer. We were used to new headlines in the papers each day of ‘Toon walkout’ or ‘Toon exodus’ but look at us now, we’ve barely missed any of our players that have left. Maybe Sebastien Bassong and Habib Beye but Nile Ranger and Andy Carroll are filling Obafemi Martins’ void nicely.

The funny thing is, Newcastle have performed brilliantly, up until yesterday in their search for an immediate return to the Premier League. We couldn’t have asked for a better start to the Coca Cola Championship literally, not losing a game until yesterday, at the hands of Blackpool.

Besides the amount of rubbish that has been written about us, the constant rumours, an owner who couldn’t talk, and 15 different consortia linked to buying us throughout summer, the lads have done really well. All you need to do is look at the CCC table and you’ll see that.

We’re still in the Carling Cup as well, an away tie with fellow league side Peterborough. Who knows, maybe we might get promoted and be back where we belong, within 365 days. Who would’ve thought this would be possible when the final whistle sounded at Villa Park that day?

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GeordieGerman: ⏱ 17/09/2009

Who would have thought we would be where we are this season after the start of last season? I mean effin hell 1-1 at Old Trafford against Man.U. Let's not get carried away. The result against Blackpool (not Liverpool) just goes to show how thin our squad is. It may have been another story if Smith wasn't suspended if Ameobi and Gutierrez, wasn't injured and Ranger wasn't burned out. But they are and it wasn't. The lads are doing a great job but for how long. Signed Lovenkrands. Loans, Simpson and a name that I can't even pronounce, I won't even try to write it. But if he scores we're buggered for a chant. I just hope that we get some more loans in quick. I don't give a ffffflip if Ashley doesn't sell. He just has to realise that he has a nice little earner here if he handles it right. God (or somebody) save the Toon.

GeordieGerman: ⏱ 17/09/2009

Oh yeah, the Carling cup is just not something we need with our streached squad.

Doocey: ⏱ 17/09/2009

I'm not getting carried away, far from it. But we have proved the critics wrong and the lads deserve some praise. A depleted squad, an interim manager and a careless owner. Not too bad you have to say. Although we don't need the the Carling Cup, the cup means everything to the loyal fans.

GeordieGerman: ⏱ 18/09/2009

"Although we don’t need the the Carling Cup, the cup means everything to the loyal fans." No it doesn't. Getting out of the Championship, having a fit full sqaud that takes us out of the Championship and into the Premier League means everything to loyal fans. Knocking the sh*t out of Sunderland in a derby is what matters to loyal fans. Not playing in the Carling Cup with a paper thin squad who can't take or handle anymore injurys. Without reenforcements and the Carling Cup you will see us start to drop by November and drop like a brick. Being where we belong is what matters to loyal fans.

Doocey: ⏱ 18/09/2009

Well, ask any Newcastle fan if they'd like to be in the advanced stages of the Carling Cup and I think you'll see they will. Obviously the CCC is the most important and indeed the local fixtures but any Cup game always provides a little more entertainment. Although granted, we could do without this game considering the thin squad we have.