Where did Sirous Mahjoob ever go to?

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It seems the Iranian businessman who was hell bent on buying Newcastle United, and bringing Kevin Keegan back as manager is gone with the wind. Although we  doubted him from the very first second we heard of it, it's still quite odd that there's been nothing about him, in any of the tabloids or elsewhere, about his stance on the sale. First of all, we couldn't find out whether he was a real person or not but

Tyne Time revealed the day after, that he was indeed a real human being, but whether he was interested in NUFC was another thing.

So, how did the papers let this guy slip away? I suppose some fresh news took over the limelight and it seems Sirous Mahjoob slipped through the cracks at St.James’ Park. Then again who knows? He may well be the man about to complete the NUFC takeover, although the odds of that are as high as us actually getting taken over.

It's an interesting one, and I just thought I'd bring it up. Where ever did those Nigerians, Americans and Singaporeans go to as well?

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