Mike Ashley days are finally numbered

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### Moat - At long last will complete takeover

Finally the day has come when I can say that Mike Ashley will not be Newcastle United owner for another few months. The Keegan scenario has been dealt with and £2m is a shock relief for Mike Ashley and his compatriots. This is good news, as it means that the wreckage has been cleared from the track to complete the sale of Newcastle United, and the long awaited one at that. We were expecting a sale before the CCC season started but now, with such a good start (although it could've been better yesterday), Barry Moat is ready to seal the deal.

We also heard about the NUST launching a £20m bid for the club which is quite realistic. Their aims are well designed and thought over and there's no better time for them to buy part of the club. However, this might not happen and the club could be Barry's before next week.

However, there's another thing. Barry Moat isn't the only bidder in the race for the club, or so reports suggest. There could well be two more consortia with a bid in, and per usual, we'll just have to wait and see.

Within the next week we should be able to look forward to the new ownership.

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