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Marlon - Will hopefully score some goals

Being a fan through both the good and the bad times (and there's been plenty of both) I have started to see hope come about in abundance because we're lying aloft the Coca Cola Championship. This is exciting to say the least but some people are already getting prepared for a Premier League season next year. Whoever is thinking this way needs a serious head check (no offence). The days are gone when we used to contest the Premier League, FA Cup's and even reach the knock-out stages in the Champions League. Now, we're in the Coca Cola Championship, and we've to get used to it.

Fortunately we have and pretty quickly at that. We are done quite well in regards games and indeed we do look quite comfortable, Bristol and QPR aside. But as my headline suggests we needn't get overly excited just yet.

Any time we've got excited about Newcastle, and the latest has probably been the opportunity we were given to go a reasonable amount ahead at the top of the table. 5 points in face. However, two draws both a home to mediocre opposition let that chance fade.

We all know that we probably deserved to win that game besides some fantastic individual play, not looking at any goalkeeper in particular 😀 However they are the games we need to win in order to gain a healthy position in this rampant league.

Some people are also forgetting we possess a Premier League squad still, even after selling over 8 players. So to say we're a step above most teams is about right, and we should be to say the least. The likes of Fabricio Coloccini and Jonas Gutierrez are all Argentine internationals to this day. Do the maths.

The point being is that we are, where we should be in the table, amidst all the poor ownership, uncertainty and scandals. Fair play to the lads for this and we hope they can continue their good run, eventually bringing us back to where we belong, the coveted Premier League.

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