Newcastle United are different to any other club

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Fans - Remained positive all through the year

When clubs like Newcastle United go down, they go down with a bang. Indeed we did but we got back on our feet and are continuing to grow. For any other club relegation is awful, for us, it’s more than a nightmare. However, that nightmare came true on the 24th of May 2009 when Damien Duff’s deflected goal sent us down. Fortunately that’s behind us. We’ve kept our determined players and they owe use a huge debt. The good thing is, they know that, and are putting the work in. That’s why we are aloft the Coca Cola Championship table as of now.

For any team to go down is bad, and most teams don’t pop back up, West Brom aside. I mean the likes of Leeds United, Charlton Athletic, Norwich City and Southampton, all Premiership clubs at one stage, but now in the darkest divisions of English football.

Then there’s Newcastle, a 52,000 stadium, filled to the brim each week, and cup games not an exception. We have a very strong squad yes, but that squad could easily be still sulking if it wasn’t for Chris Hughton and his fellow comrades.

We are different to any other club, we are always hassled by the media, always looked at like a soap opera which is very fair. We’ve been run into the ground by Mike Ashley and co. and deserted (last season) by huge earners. Things have changed, although not that much.

If we can keep our form going, get a few new faces in and maybe even a new owner, then things are looking up. We could return to the Premier League at first attempt. However as I’ve said constantly, we can never take this for granted and we’ll go through a rough patch is now a couple.

So far so good but we’re far from land as of yet. A instant Premier League return is just what the mighty Geordie fans deserve and hopefully, just hopefully we’ll get it.

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