What Mike Ashley doesn’t know

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NUFC - Spirit of Newcastle too much for Ashley

Throughout Mike Ashley's rather unfortunate tenure at Newcastle to put it mildly, the mighty NUFC have suffered the worst a top flight team can, relegation. If you told a Newcastle fan three years ago, that his/her beloved club would be in the Coca Cola Championship, they'd laugh their head off and tell you to stay away from the Newcastle Brown Ale. However, the last  couple of seasons at St.James’ Park have been disastrous to say the least, and we are in the lower tier of English football, albeit adapting very well indeed.

It seems that Mike Ashley hasn't learnt anything in all his time here, first it was the Keegan scenario, then putting the club on the market, and then taking them off again only to put the club up for sale a few months later.

Mike put the club up on the market after Newcastle's relegation in May, nearly half a year later, we're still on it, with new bidders supposedly ‘sealing’ the deal every single day.

However, in the midst of all this, Mike has continued to show consistent arrogance, no interest whatsoever and more importantly no respect to NUFC or it's mighty fans. This isn't good enough. He's failed to talk to the fans, OK there might be a NDA agreement but he doesn't have to tell us about the sale's stage, just a general outline for the next few weeks or months.

But no, he hasn't said a word, just a meagre ‘sorry’ for our relegation and as for his sidekick Derek Llambias, he's not much better. Although saying a little more, his info has been very misleading and that's why we are, where we are as if now.

It’ s a tragedy really and one where any club but Newcastle deserve to be the victim of, the again I might be just a little biased 😀

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