Mike Ashley finally speaks as he lowers asking price to £80m

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Ashley - Lowers asking price to £80m

There is some quite astonishing news today that Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley has first of all, spoken to the media for the first time in months and indeed that he has lowered his asking price of the club to £80m. Speaking today to the Sunday Times he claims that he's done his very best to sell the club and that Barry Moat has been on his case for the last two years. We are led to believe that he has lowered the asking price now, in order for Barry to complete the takeover.

He said :

‘I have to put £20m a year into the club — I spend more than every other fan put together puts into the club each year.

‘If you can’t pay up front to buy the club, you can’t afford it.

‘Of course I regret it (buying NUFC). I never said I was an expert in football clubs. I tried my best.

‘But I accept my best was woefully short.’

Also on the matter of Chris Hughton and first team affairs, he commented that Chris could well get the first team job fulltime in the near future :

‘Chris (Hughton) deserves a shot at the title — he has done a great job.

‘But if I keep the club I will have the final say on players.

‘I am the one who has to fund the club.’

And on the final matter of Barry Moat's bid, he simply said :

‘Barry Moat has been driving me mad for two years.

' If he wants to buy the club, he has got a one off opportunity to come up with the cash, £80 million up front.’

Simple as that it seems but if he has in fact reduced the asking price then it could well mean a lot of new bids for the club from different parties and this will only delay things even further. Saying that, I'd rather wait and sell then to keep Mike Ashley as owner for another season.

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