Danny Guthrie not going to walk out on Newcastle

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### Guthrie - Won't settle until Newcastle are back in Premier League

One man who has been in determined form of late is Newcastle's Danny Guthrie. Danny, who was rumoured to be Keegan's only real signing has showed lots of maturity to adjust to the commotion at Newcastle. It's never easy for any player when you play under three different managers in one season and I think you'll find Guthrie is one of them players who is very keen to see Chris Hughton appointed full-time. Indeed Chris is expected to take full control in the next few days, and maybe even before tomorrow's game against Doncaster.

Speaking today Guthrie said :

“You use it as your inspiration. We know that we are better than some of the teams who are there now.

“But it’s easy to say that. We have to prove it this season then hopefully we get promotion and we do it next year and show it.

“I watch a lot of football.

“At first it was strange not being in the Premier League. The quicker we got over it the better and we are used to it now.

“But we still want to be back up next year make no doubts about it, that’s the aim and there’s still nothing holding us back from getting there.”

When asked about the fans and their contribution this season Danny replied :

“Fans play a massive part at home and it will be the same against Doncaster again tomorrow.

“They lift us. We’re staggered by the number of people who come to the games.

“When you are running low you can be picked up very quickly.”

And if there's only one thing at the club that has never been broken or been in trouble, it is the great support we bring to every match, be it in St.James’ Park or Glanford Park. The fans have been magnificent all season and we expect that to continue too. The best reward they can receive is promotion back to the Premier League and the players are aware of this.

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