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### Ashley - Deliberating whether to stay or to sell

It's amazing the number of articles I've written and Mike Ashley has been the subject of, and quite frankly, annoying. The infamous ‘owner’ has today, if you are to believe the Chronicle, broken off talks with Geoff Sheard's American based investment group. The news comes after Newcastle victory against Doncaster and we can't say it's a surprise really. Mike Ashley's patience is meant to have reached it's limit, (the irony) and he's pulled out of negotiations with the much talked about consortium led by the questionable Geoff Sheard.

I'm not quite sure how many times talks have broken down with possible new owners. We've had Iranians, Irish, English, Nigerian, South African, American and even possible bidders from Singapore, but yet, still no sign of Mike Ashley packing his bags at Newcastle.

Again and again we talk about Mike Ashley's attempts to sell the club but you have to really question where the team Mike Ashley put in place to sell the club, have gone. These guys on behalf of Seymour Pierce are being well paid no doubt, yet they've still failed to find a single buyer who can muster up £100m and a long term plan.

Then again, Newcastle United isn't the most attractive prospect, especially for anyone into the financial side of things. This club is a mess and the amount of money that's been spent, is quite ridiculous. I read yesterday that we don't have any advertisers money to turn to, because Freddy Shepherd spent it on the signing of Michael Owen. It seemed like a smart move at the time but how we could do with now.

If I'm to be honest, I can't see a new, Newcastle owner in the foreseeable future, unless Barry Moat can avoid Mike Ashley wrath and strike a deal?

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