Mike Ashley promises Hughton a nice pot of gold – Sure

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### Hughton - No grudge against him getting the job

The worst insult that a Newcastle United fan could get is not only destroying their beloved club, but trying to destroy their stadium name. Yesterday, on top of the devastating news that Mike Ashley had taken Newcastle United off the market, he also said that they were open to any offers for the naming rights of the stadium. This, is probably the cheekiest, and most arrogant move he has taken to date, and you really have to question yourself if he's that stupid or being an outright (Insert your own word here). Today Ashley confirmed that there will be funds available to Chris, and that he's pumping £20m into the club by the end of this week.

We've gone nearly half a year without one single buyer actually taking control of the club and we've even had a team in place to sell it. It's quite a disgrace when we can't find one buyer, sure the clubs isn't an attractive investment but surely there's someone out there who actually wants to get involved in a club, besides Barry Moat.

We know Barry tried everything he could to seal the deal but in the end, the poor economic climate and failure to get any to join him in his quest resulted in the Tyneside businessman failing to buyout Mr.Ashley.

Hughton, who was appointed yesterday is thrilled with the position as manager and we think he'll do a very good job. However, as I've preached on here umpteen times, we need new signings. Not one or two, but perhaps four or five. Saying that, when has Mike every managed to fund a five player signing spree?

We hope Mike sticks to his word but we very much doubt he will, as it's not the first time we've heard the same old jabber come from the board, and always released through the clubs official website. Does Mike has one last chance to get things right? I don't think he does but I think he has the opportunity to somewhat repay his huge debts to the Newcastle United fans.

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