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Stadium - Needs to be kept as St.James Park

He says it’s for extra commercial income and that the raised funds from it’s sale will go straight to Chris Hughton transfer budget, 100% of it. However, Mike Ashley hasn’t a clue of what he’s attempting to do. He is meddling with Newcastle United history and inevitably putting yet another foot wrong as his terrible ownership continues. To show your disregard for even looking to change the name of our great stadium, I have provided a link to a petition. This petition was started by a 16-year old student from Florida by the name Bardia Khajenoori. Not only does this show that people are against it but it always signifies the support that is aboard for the great Toon Army.

To sign the petition, click Here

Save the famous name of St.James’ Park.

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Henrik Viberg Forsgren: ⏱ 03/11/2009

Go straight to hell MR Ashley without passing go!

Mr. Dixon: ⏱ 03/11/2009

PLEASE do everything in your power to stop this from happening... The next home match should make the last protests look like a picnic at the park. I'm talking a HOSTILE environment.

Kristoffer Norwegian: ⏱ 03/11/2009

Everybody knows Ashley is confused, and that he likes to put his mobile up is anus! Screw you Ashley, go home!

Dean: ⏱ 04/11/2009

It was worth a try I suppose. Although I don't feel a stadium name is something you want to play about with, I feel a name for a stadium is pretty much as important as a team name. I guess he's going to change the team name next then. SportsDirect Football Club??

Steve: ⏱ 04/11/2009

Well he's already done it i hope everyone in the ground on Saturday shows their disgust at him he has no regard for the people the fans or the heritage of Newcastle its an absolute disgrace