Ashley is caught between two stools

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Ashley - All his eggs in one basket at Newcastle

If Newcastle United are not promoted come May, which is a very strong possibility, then Mike Ashley is in serious serious bother. After taking the club off the market for a second time, he now is hoping that we are brought straight back to the Premier League at first attempt, guided by Chris Hughton. To back up his hopes he’s promised Chris that’ll he’ll back him both as manager and in the transfer window. There are reports today that Hughton is already drawing up a list of possible arrivals and that Rosenborg midfielder Per Ciljan Skjelbred is top of it.

However, what happens if Newcastle don’t make the automatic promotion spots of lose out in the play-offs should they manage to get there? Mike isn’t interested in a long term future at Newcastle but if they do manage to get promoted Ashley will look to exploit all avenues of revenue.

It was a choice for Ashley, either lower the price of the club and sell to Barry Moat of stay on, invest some cash and hope that the teams performs well enough to regain Premier League status. Obviously enough, he opted for the second option.

We hope that Mike does indeed stick to his word and invest money to get players to the club then there’s a good chance of promotion happening. Basically it’s up to Chris Hughton and the players now to do the business, because we know Mike’s staying as is Chris.

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Steve: ⏱ 04/11/2009

Just been reading the 20 mil is for running costs and Fat Man MAY put money up for players in January the title caught between 2 stools set me thinking he needs a few stools throwing at him for what he's done to this club the mention of his name makes my blood boil aaaargh

chuck: ⏱ 04/11/2009

Seems according to Llambias`s interview, that MA has got the message. In other words it`s an all out promotion bid, it`s where the money is ! We will see during the Jan. window how serious he is. Suppose if we are still top of the division, the funding will be less than that if we have slipped a few spots, we will see.

andy: ⏱ 04/11/2009

hahaha, people really believe funding will be available? He's has been selling our better players since the day he arrived and has told nothing but lies in every interview just to keep people qwuiet. amazingly there are still people out there who believe him.

david veitch: ⏱ 04/11/2009

Sell Barton and Guiterez for 9 or 10 million and bring in a couple of players on loan then if we get promoted sell the club for 200 million after making 35 million on player sales. This would leave a new owner needing to invest heavily to keep us in the premiership, probably the NUST. Anyone who thinks Ashley is a fool needs their head examined, he may look stupid but he will have removed as many assets as possible before he leaves. Expect our prospects Carrol, Ranger and Kadar to be sold at the end of the season before new investors buy him out.

Stu: ⏱ 04/11/2009

I thought the two stools must have meant Wise and Llambias. Ashley will not put any money in for new players. He will probably put the club up for sale again in January and again use that as his excuse for not buying new players. His puppet will be required to look at the loans market. We cannot believe a word that comes out of SJP these days. But I suppose that NUFC supporters will moan and groan for a short while then put up with it and go on filling the pockets of this fat waste of space.

Doocey: ⏱ 04/11/2009

Ironically Stu I was going to use Wise and Llambias as the two stools :D